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The Life of Trees

Authored by Daniel Presedo


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The Life of Trees is a colorful, illustrated exploration of the many types of trees in our world. Learn what trees provide to the life around them, and on them!
Daniel Presedo

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Presenteing Adobe technologies in a variety of settings, from industry panels to booth presentations.

Imagineer at Adobe that is not afraid to try new things, contact him for your idea!

Daniel is known for his high energy and speed with which he can pull projects together.

Daniel is involved in various industries and communities.  You will find him hosting many Photoshop panels at popular conventions, like San Diego Comic-Con,  and making guest appearances at others with popular artists and industry icons.


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From Elementary to Universities, Daniel has taught at local schools or in classes at  universities across the country.

Recognized by his peers as one of the most creative people in his field and always open to collaboration.

Connecting with multiple industries and helping bring together the right people for succesful projects.

Dramenon Studios began as a simple publishing company for Daniel Presedo's comic work, which began with the Dream Wolves in 1993. During that time Dramenon Studios published Dream Wolves, Raw City and Practice in Pain. Dream Wolves sold nearly 100,000 copies after 8 issues before deciding to move on to the computer industry and working on his first love, Adobe Photoshop.


Dramenon Studios continues to connect with other individuals in various industries building up it's portfolio of creators and hoping to reveal it's first large project in 2015.



Dramenon Studios LLC


Daniel “dramenon” Presedo has made a name for himself by crossing multiple genres and working with many Industry influencers, including  Chris Daughtry, Doug Stanley, Lindsey Stirling, Allen Bolden, Brian Haberlin, Rayce Bird, Poet Name Life, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Farr, Scott Harben, and Meera Kaul. The list of companies he interacts with frequently include Virgin, DreamWorks, Pixar, LucasFilm, Ridgeline Entertainment, Elio Motors, and many others. He has been an employee of Adobe Systems since 1999 and works full time on Adobe Photoshop. He has been writing, drawing and experimenting with new technologies his entire life.  In 1993 he began publishing his own comic Dream Wolves and It  sold nearly 100,000 copies after 8 issues.  Daniel decided to move on to the computer industry when Adobe offered to hire him. He is always looking for creative ways to engage his audience for Adobe.


Want to contact Daniel for an Event, or want to hire him for a Commission? Please fill out the contact form. or take a look at his Behance Gallery, there are plenty of commission options to choose from.

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